Meet the DLR Team

The DLR team is here to provide Daniel with as much resources as possible in order to help him get to his goals. 


Darold Key

Strength & Personal Trainer

Ty Woody

Ty Woody is a Strength Coach at Elite Performance. Raised in Gilbert, AZ most of his life, Ty obtained his Bachelors in Exercise Science at Arizona State University. He also is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He has worked in the private sector since 2019, as well as worked with the Scottsdale Community College Baseball team and Park University Women Soccer program. Ty has worked with a wide range of athletes from different sports ranging from 9 years old to 60+ with experience levels from beginner to the professional level. Getting to work with Daniel has led to take on more clients that want to work on Pickleball specifically; he also started travelling to tournaments in order to study the sport more. His passion for working with others and improving as a trainer continues to grow with every athlete he meets
Racquetball Coach

George Bustos

George is normally known for his racquetball skillset training, dedicated to nurturing the development of San Antonio's Alamo City Racquetball Association elite juniors and local players. He is also privileged to support former professionals who have chosen to relocate to San Antonio in pursuit of refining their racquetball abilities. George's core focus revolves around honing racquetball skillsets through his distinctive drilling techniques and the incorporation of imaginative exercises that replicate real-life game scenarios. By providing a practice environment that balances authenticity with control, players can enhance their skills while navigating the challenges encountered in competitive matches. Although his primary emphasis lies in guiding elite juniors, George has also had the opportunity to work with former professionals, occasionally engaging in collaborative drilling sessions that inspire creativity on the courts.

Meet the DLR Team

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